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If you haven't signed up to HeartMail yet, here is my affiliate link, which I am happy to share, as I love the concept and I think you'll also like what is coming... ❤️ https://www.heartmail.com/?a=glauce@heartmail.com
Would HeartMail sounds like a really good concept. :-) You might get more referrals by posting that link to Twetch and Twitter.
glauce replied:
Hi Pete! Thank you! I am not in Twetch, but you could post it yourself and if you decide to sign up to HeartMai, get a referral link too... I added my referral link here because I am proud to share it
glauce replied:
HeartMail, lol... missed the "l"
pete replied:
Yes, I too put a weird "Would" at the beginning of my comment, so this is properly balanced now.