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If you want to be wrong, follow the masses. ~ Socrates
Picture of what to click to see all the words you've defined in www.SLictionary.com
Orimar, do you remember which word you defined on www.SLicitonary.com ? You can find it by going to the site, and clicking on your moneybutton link (usually on the bottom, in blue, but in our next release, probably at teh top right). You defined it early in our existence, betore we had a word category for our vote system. We owe you a payment, but wanted to see what you wrote if we could!
orimar replied:
Hello, no I cannot find it.
slictionary replied:
Do you see your moneybutton handle written on the upper right (to the left of the Word Bounty "tombstone")? Click on that, and it will tell you all the words you've smithed. Here's a picture of what to click on (mine says SelfLearningDictionary@moneytutton.com , but yours will be YOUR mb paymail). I'll post the picture above this, as@realpowping doesn't yet allow pics in the comments.