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Why you'll find your business success in the last place you look 

Why you'll find your business success in the last place you look 

“Seek and ye shall find.”

That’s actually attributed to Jesus.

So profound. So obvious.

“For he who seeks finds.”

That’s what he said.

It’s plain as day, when you think about it.

Where did you find your car keys?

In the last place you looked.

Because, once you found it, you stopped looking.

But why did you start looking for your car keys?

Because you realised they were missing. So you went looking for them.

1. First you realise that something’s missing, and you know exactly what it is you’re looking for.

2. You go looking for it everywhere you can, with great intensity.

3. You find it in the last place you look, and then you stop looking and use it.

Looking for a business model that fits

I realise that this applies to business models as well.

Before one finds success, they go looking for it high and low, far and near.

You look and look and look for a successful business model.

Some are crap, some actually work – you know they work because they’re working for some people.

Some actually work for you. Not all work for you.

But you won’t know, until you find the one that works for you.

And when you’ve found it, stop looking.

Work it.

A real business doesn’t need you holding its hand forever

Work it at least for a long while, till it’s established. Then maybe look for another one, making sure that the first one still goes on strong without your primary attention on it.

If it can’t thrive without your primary attention on it, pay primary attention to it until it can. Don’t go searching for something new until then.

A true business is something that can carry on in your absence.

Just as a corporation is a legal fiction – a registered company is treated by the law as if it were a person – your business should be able to work independently of you. The longer it can run independently of you, the stronger and healthier it is.

If you’re an independent dog walker, for instance, that’s not a business. That’s a self-employed job.

A business can be as simple as a vending machine on a busy sidewalk.

A business can be as complex as Disney.

But a business can run without your primary attention focused on it.

Internet-native business models

Since I’m publishing this to the internet and you’re reading it on the internet, what kind of internet business model can you use?

Ecommerce dropshipping, print-on-demand merchandising, Fulfilment by Amazon, affiliate marketing – and more – are all valid business models.

Are you seeking? Because, unless you’re seeking, you won’t find.

And if you are seeking? You’ll find it in the last place you look.

Want to know what business model I’ve found?

Drop me a line! I love getting messages (from real people).


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