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Bitcoin SV Node Q&A

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I'm running a Bitcoin SV Node in pruning mode and would like to get the UTXO from different addresses, I should have the utxo set in memory, is there an easy way (RPC Call?) to access?
Do you have the txid of the utxo? ( check the matching vout of the parent transaction ). I think you are wanting to use `gettxout "txid" <vout> <include_mempool>`. If you exptect it's in mempool you can also use `getmempoolentry <txid>`. bitcoind does not index on address outside of its own wallet, so look ups on the chain via address are not possible without taking multiple steps in say a script. I cant recall the above being impacted by running prune. ymmv
reldavs replied:
Thanks for your answer. I don't have the txid, and adding the address via script to my node is not possible because of pruning ("Rescan is disabled in pruned mode"). I found a BTC chainstate (utxo's) dump script, but not sure if I want to build something on my own.