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Learning to Build on Bitcoin from Newb to semi Newb

I am just one of those people that wen jobless after COVID hit the world...I was a chef in New Orleans, and I had been wanting to get out of the restaurant industry for quite a while. I enjoyed the job I was at when all hell broke loose as it allowed me to make money and study networking/cybersecurity, but I still wanted a job in the IT/Networking world. Everyone seemed to have lost their jobs 'temporarily' and we had time on our hands. I ended up being on Twetch at the right time I guess and InTheBox was just starting to do their thing.


<--- In The Box - youtube link.

We were all looking to add something to the space...We all worked together to make something while everyone else seemed to be panicking about the world ending. We took advantage of the opportunity to learn, promote Bitcoin in Satoshi's Vision, and produced livestreams. 

ins1d30ut - the alias I created before the world completely turned inside out

So life goes on, members of the show disappear, and the discord channel is still alive and semi active. I am now one of 3 moderators of ItsADraft on Discord which is an attempt at lowering the barrier for anyone and everyone who wants to learn to build on BSV. I have developed my web development skills enough to be something of an asset here even if I am just able to make information easier to find. 

I have come far enough to find people to work with and have a project that has been noticed by Bitcoin's Got Talent.

I have to say, while we are hardly the best developers, we have a solid idea of wheat we want to do and have a way to release it.  I think that we are in a good position to release what we have pretty $SOON  ;) and we will. I am learning the back end and front end...the full stack...so it's a lot to learn for my first web application, but I will make it happen. And if someone else is first, my ideas are better in how to market and monetize it. I welcome help and think that I will add something to BSV that is much needed...A larger userbase.

This is where I will stop for now...This is a work inn progress and want to balance my development skills and log my learning in a blog like this.

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pete tipped:
Great show! Go from newb, to ADVANCED coder by looking ahead of where you are now... https://streamanity.com/video/9qhzSeUMf3u1?ref=a8f157c9-2502-4dcd-97b3-7055ab159de6 #DITR