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I know PowPing has technical relevance as a name, but everyone I've talked too has been turned off by it, or asked me if it was Chinese. Despite being anti-liberty, Facebook and Twitter have good branding. No matter how good the technology, branding is important.
don't have to worry this now, Twitter and Facebook lost their name, and the CEO are listed... If you believe in bitcoin, you should believe in Hayek, Mises, which Craig tell me in private. Rule of law is sitting on top of maximizing each individual's freedom rather than tight everyone's hands and shut their mouth up. All the best, gentleman! You never know how jealous I am when you have voting ticket and can own a gun. I was born in a shit hole communism country.
I agree with the sentiment, but from my perspective, both "Facebook" and "Twitter" were some of the most asinine sounding names I had ever heard. Throw "YouTube" into that mix also.
sandysmoothie tipped:
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2 years ago
paidsockpuppet replied:
Cheers! I won't spend it all at once. :)
Are you just complaining or asking for suggestion? I don't really care about names, but I would have to agree. powping isn't really catchy or memorable. I had to go back to my notes to find how to type it right. I don't even know if it means something, and if it does, then what is it? pow - proof of work? if yes, then people outside of bitcoin world won't have a clue, nor would they care. I would use something simpler, catchier, and self explanatory of what this service is. Tipper or ping or covid (just kidn)
morpheus replied:
Bad marketers change names. Good marketing makes a name for itself from nothing and anything.
sandysmoothie replied:
Simple and catchy? It’s 2 one-syllable words that start with P and both of them suggest action and sound. Put together they are fun to say and easy to remember. Kind of like “dimadan”.
dimadan tipped:
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2 years ago
dimadan replied:
haha.. good point :)