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It seems like Powping usage has fallen-off fast. Is that just because it was new... or that it's hard to maintain usage of Powping, Twetch, Twitter... let alone those that also use Facebook, Instagram, etc.? Or, are there trends to be aware of? I like powping much more initially, and then I opened a Twitter account (just trying it out - luddite) and found Twetch interaction easier... and then somehow stopped thinking about the post costs of a couple cents and that was a mental switch (whereas, when I started, I was thinking about keeping a neutral/positive balance). @jackcliu obviously hates tipping - is there a psychology of tipping that powping is embracing vs not-permitting-tipping that twetch/streamanity is embracing?
pete tipped:
powping's hardly been used at all yet, i'd say, just some experimental usage by the usual bsv crowd ... in general people don't join new social networks since generally it's all cost and no benefit .. you never know though on the net, stuff can randomly go viral any time for seemingly no reason
miggy replied:
except there actually is a benefit, OPTIONAL micropayments... with low fees.
mungojelly replied:
i guess i could try more saying like "hey everyone come to powping and people will give you free money" ... sounds too good to be true, i should spin it so it sounds harder to get the free money than it is so anyone will believe the story XD ... i think even if they believed there's free money they still wouldn't be motivated enough to sign up for moneybutton and THEN powping,, hard to get people to sign up for anything at all, and moneybutton you have to write down seed words and everything, ugh
pete tipped:
miggy replied:
if someone tells me i get free money i go away, if someone tells me that I can use the value of my creations to further my own ideas I get excited.
pete replied:
...and then there's problem of how to easily take fiat currency out of Money Button account.
miggy replied:
good point, it would certainly help if you could use BSV to buy things more easily.
Twetch is mostly tipping also. Technically PowPing still has more daily active users than Streamanity so nothing is proven yet. I do think PowPing’s success is due to Unwriter’s great abilities. My economic views on tipping remain steadfast.
cog replied:
Hey Jack. Great work on the streamanity redesign. I am actually using it now.
unwriter replied:
@jackcliu thanks, yeah as I mentioned, I am not trying to sell the "tipping model" here and have no hard feelings towards@_kevin_pham either. In fact Kevin and I talked about this even before launching so I know exactly how Kevin feels about this already and understand. I only commented for the Powping community's benefit, because I wanted to clarify Powping's position through this opportunity. At this point Powping is like a playground. it will take shape gradually.
usage is probably fluctuating
Early days yet. Love the addition of channels as it cuts out some of the signal/noise issues that you find on Twitter. Given the deep divisions between users of various coins, I doubt we'll see much in the way of, say someone heavy into BCH, coming onto either powping or Twetch . So for now, powping will probably attract a subset of BSV users and if it's got compelling features and Twitter really messes up (like Digg level gaffe) then powping might see a massive influx who knows but otherwise it will probably see slow but hopefully steady growth as BSV usage grows.
benjamin tipped:
Things always ebb after an initial burst of excitement. The requirement is to create repeated bursts until you hit a critical mass of people. Right now powping doesn't have a "daily" draw to it that keeps people coming back. However, the raw platform is iterating quite quickly and adding a lot more functionality far faster than the alternatives. If powping keeps going for four or five years, I expect that the platform will be an incredibly successful one, which is why I am putting in the work now.
benjamin tipped:
As a daily user of powping I think the usage and spectrum of the usage is broadening.
benjamin tipped:
How many users does powping have? I think we’re all still BSVers here. It’s all very early days still I feel. Powping feels much more accessible for non-BSVers because you don’t need BSV to start. Question then is how to onboard these new folks.
benjamin tipped:
benjamin replied:
Well, based on the relative poison I see on Twitter and Twetch at times form BSVers... maybe people will be more inclined to participate in powping where there doesn't seem to be the same seemingly hidden imperative to be an arrogant, antagonistic, BSV chip on the shoulder, piece of work...
liam replied:
Haha yikes! I guess I haven't spent that much time in BSV twitter or twetch.
But then I see this on twitter... So, maybe I'm just not exposed to enough folks. I definitely follow a lot more people on powping and twitter than I do on twetch (0, thought of paying to follow people seemed foreign - maybe I'll get over it soon enough). https://twitter.com/CryptoFactor/status/1296098492436422657
miggy replied:
i tested twetch, forced payment throttles interaction severly
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