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What are people's thoughts on this recent move over $8? I had a look at other blockchain mining companies - they have all had similar pumps this week/last week. Argo Blockchain Hive Blockchain Hut 8 Mining Riot Blockchain Bitfarms DMG I also then did a quick calculation of current marketcap and petahashes each company has to give some comparison with TAAL at current price. TAAL - 400PH, 177m = 44.25m per 100PH Argo - 787PH, 1.24bn = 157m per 100PH HIVE - 653PH, 1.661bn = 254m per 100PH Hut 8 - 1031PH, 817m = 79m per 100PH Riot - PH, 3800PH, 4.189bn = 110m per 100PH Bitfarms - 1200PH, 621m = 51.75m per 100PH DMG - 500PH, 225m = 45m per 100PH So even with this recent pump we are still somewhat undervalued relative to the other miners. Although I think most others are mining BTC so because BSV hasn't made as much gains as BTC has, it makes sense. Curious to hear others thoughts on this recent price action.
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1 year ago
Significantly undervalued below 250M market cap. The longer term potential here is huge. Don't see many reasons for it to hang out below 500M market cap for long either. Will have to consolidate at some point, but I think that will happen above 300M CAD market cap. Chris is doing a good job of getting the name out and promoting the company. If it got a valuation anywhere close to other companies in the space it will be over 1B MC in a hurry. But we can be honest and say that most of the other blockchain mining companies are super overvalued right now.