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Anyone have any predictions on the mechanics, timing, etc. for nChain and TAAL merging? nChain will ultimately need to monetize their IP portfolio. Doing that as an NPE will yield relentless calls as a bonafide troll and very poor litigation results over very long, depressing, timeframe. Saw this first hand with MARA when I rode it to near 0 (well before Bitcoin mining became a focus). Monetization under the guise of a practicing firm is much easier to pursue/defend. They're using the separation right now to their benefit (separate companies, establishing licensing precedent). That time will fade quicky though. The precedence won't stick due to shared controlling interest. Offending firms/chains will seek to minimize licensing or band together for court (life COPA effort). Mostly interested in how rich their valuation will be (demonstrate value of portfolio, give some big pay days) and how bad the debt load / dilution will be. Long term, it will be beneficial to get them under one roof to increase transparency and play between the two entities.
I believe there's a high possibility it will happen. I watched an interview with taal president Charles nwprawa (hope spelt correctly) several months ago - my ears pricked when he said he thinks nChain will go public in future. He didn't say merge but was at pains to say that they are complimentary company's which do not compete on business revenues.
bpm replied:
Sure a lot couple happen in 2 to 3 years. I suppose you might agree that nChain needs business revenue first before either a merge or public offering
Personally I don’t think that will happen. nChain is advertising like they want to morph into consulting for project deployment.