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What do you guys think about this article? I personally found it very spot on vis-a-vie my own personal experience. We're under very unique and strange incentives at the moment. What do you think the implications for the development of the ecosystem will be? There is definitely less development 'energy' and people can feel it. My worry is that as companies and individuals work (in secret) on real-world solutions, we lose out on some of the rapid experimentation that needs to happen to work through different use cases and open protocols. I really appreciate Powping for occupying that space at the moment. https://unboundedcapital.com/blog/bsv-entrepreneurship-requires-patience-and-urgency
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Thanks for sharing@jonathanaird. I feel the frustrations bubbling, and I see the current circumstance as a bit of a tragedy of the commons. However, I don’t see how it can be avoided, so I wrote the article to help people brace themselves for months of apparent stagnation followed by a watershed moment
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1 year ago
First, thanks for the link. Great read! Second, you said "we lose out on some of the rapid experimentation that needs to happen to work through different use cases and open protocols." Would you elaborate on this please?
jonathanaird replied:
Sure. We're currently incentivized to hold onto innovations and keep them secret until we can fully capitalize on them. Innovations build on each other but only if they're public. As companies go more for real-world solutions (built in secret), I worry that we aren't getting the quick and dirty experimentation that would help us go in the right direction long term. There's almost nothing happening regarding the Metanet protocol for example and it's very difficult to use at the moment because the right tools don't exist yet. So without experience "in the field" (whether your own experience or someone else's experiments), it's quite difficult to arrive at the correct solutions that will work for the long term.
Regarding the perceived "dip" in development energy, I think another factor in that is last year saw a lot of quick and dirty projects - high volume of projects but perhaps lower level of execution. I think now (hopefully) we might see a second pass of apps with a bit more polish and higher execution.
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1 year ago
jack replied:
This is my prediction as well