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"Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28 For those who feel weary, for those who are carrying a burden, for those who desire rest, Jesus' Own Promise is spoken to us, calling us to come to Him! What is making you weary? What are the burdens that are weighing you down? What is causing you to be tired at this time? There is a lot on our mind and heart in these days especially. Our first instinct is to summon up our own strength, to lift the load ourselves, or to try to re-energize our being on our own. Doing all of this alone only seems to only increase our weight and weariness and cause us to desire anything that will give us rest. Very often we look for the wrong distractions to all that we face and by doing so it makes things worse. Today the Lord comes to us with His promise that we need not go it alone. As we seek out the comfort and guidance of His Word, petition Him in prayers, and bring our worries and struggles and burdens to Him, He will give us rest. This is why He went to the cross. Jesus died to give our restless spirits a reprieve from life in a fallen world as people who live with a fallen nature. We can take the weight of sin to His cross and leave it there at its base. When we confess our sin, and receive His forgiveness, the burden is lifted, and we are free to go out boldly and live the abundant life the Lord has planned for us. Try this right now. Confess your sin, receive the Absolution of Christ, and then go to His Holy Word and find Him in prayer. In doing so, Jesus Himself will give you the comfort and strength you need for the day and beyond. In Him, you will find rest for your soul! His fulfillment of this promise is how we know God's love for us daily.