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Should you start a company? I share the one question you need to answer first, and a few traps to avoid as you go through the decision process. https://streamanity.com/video/NNtKSrTqHMFm
Wish there was video preview here. That’d be great!
Tangentially... I always find myself thinking that I like your background. I need something like that for all my MS Teams, Webex, Zoom, etc. meetings. Is it just a couple shudders connected?
isaacmorehouse replied:
Yeah I got tired of virtual backgrounds and having a bed behind me in my home office! lol. It's just a little room divider or privacy screen my wife ordered on Amazon for like $150. That plus a raised monitor, sit/stand desk from Autonomous, ATR 2100 mic with adjustable arm stand connected to the desk, and decent camera mounted at/above eye level. Totally worth the $400 or so total to have a comfortable, easy space for decent quality video!
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