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I can see my normie friends using powping. But if the feed is still mainly about bitcoin, it alienates them. Solution: Powping Private Groups. Let me invite my friends to a feed that is made up just of my friends. 30 of my friends, chatting freely about whatever, but with micropayments. Selected messages could be re-pow’d to the public feed. A way for enthusiasts like me to onboard easily. Thoughts?
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I like the idea and agree that it could encourage more normies.
Essentially the equivalent of a \Whatsapp group where your friends can tip each other?
liam replied:
Pretty much. I was thinking more like a facebook group though.
pandamoped replied:
I could see that coming in. The potential is unlimited at this point.
@mandeep@find_enlight@fayomi irl friends, what do you think?
fayomi replied:
Gonna try to use this more often. I’ve been out of the social media game for a while. What do you guys do on here?
liam replied:
There are a lot of things planned ahead :)
liam replied:
Awesome! :-)
Send a message to unwriter maybe he will like the idea.nice one
I like your idea. Where do I donate to the creation of a private group feature?
liam replied:
Haha I'm not sure. Maybe@unwriter can help. But I guess if you tipped this post its total economy might bring more views to it.
This is a pretty cool idea man.. You could go through some Facebook groups and propose the idea to those who could benefit from privacy and incentives. I like your blog, by the way. :)
Yeah a great idea. People could make groups, choose whether they are public or non-searchable. And the person who makes it, is admin. Could do any sorts of topics- cats, cars, food. Or just private with friends, like fb groups as you say. Or WhatsApp group
So it's like Discord but Bitcoin. Good idea!
liam replied:
I’ve not used discord much so I’m not sure. I imagine more like Facebook Groups.
oliver8008 replied:
oliver8008 replied:
Some Reddit groups are great but with moderators. Private groups keeps the crowd friendly.