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@unwriter are there some way to change our username on PowPing? I just invited a friend now, and he created his moneybutton with his personal name, but in PowPing he typed his company name on account creation... but now, he wants to create a new paymail for his company, and transfer his PowPing company username to the new paymail, is it possible?
The plan is to allow multiple paymails to be attached to a single username, you can add and remove the paymails attached to a single account. But this needs to be well thought out, which is why it's taking some time. But will be rolled out soon.
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1 year ago
mateus replied:
Cool@unwriter ! Thank you.
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Tell your friend to buy another money button vanity paymail for $1.00, then he can just do a "do-over" and create a new handle on@powping. That's the easiest permissionless solution. But no current way of changing the handle, so this would be the fastest workaround. Just pick something similar. Like "SelfLearnDictionary" instead of@SLictionary -- for example.
mateus replied:
Well... in that case, his personal paymail will be attached forever to his company PowPing handle. Even if he creates a new one for his company, his personal paymail will be forever stucked with this wrong name account.
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john replied:
Nope, I don't work at Planaria, but unwriter has already responded on this thread.
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