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Introducing Powping channels. Here's how it works: 1. Channels are like forums. You can use it for whatever purpose, but essentially, to gather and interact with like-minded people. 2. Channel posts don't spam your followers. Channel posts are separate from your personal posts. They belong to the channel by default. This means you can post to channels without worrying about overwhelming your followers with things they're not be interested in. 3. Sometimes you may want to post to a channel AND share it with your followers. In this case, you can check the "also share with my followers" box and it will be posted both to the channel and to your followers. 4. You can subscribe to a channel to get notified when there's a new post. Reversely this also means, when you post to a channel, all the members will get notified of your new post, so please keep this in mind and try to act responsible as a member. 5. The channel admin can hide a member's post from the channel if it's against the channel rules. Please stay on topic and respect the rules. Here are some qualities that probably make a good channel: 1. Diversity: More than one person posting. It's about interaction with like minded people, not broadcasting to the void. Try to get more people to contribute. 2. Members: More subscribers are probably better than no subscribers, since more people can be notified and contribute. 3. Participation: Remember, this is like a forum, not a blog. This means it's all about sharing and discussing, and overall exchanging value. Try to encourage participation. Tips for creating a good channel: 1. Optimize for community: You need to make the theme of your channel very clear. When creating a channel, explain either what kind of activities you're trying to facilitate, or what kind of like minded people you're looking for. Otherwise people may even subscribe but never contribute because they don't know how they should be contributing. Also, you have to optimize for creating a community, instead of thinking of this as your blog. 2. Bring friends to help grow the community: Seed the initial community with some people. 2 or 3 people consistently posting gives the feeling of an actual community. And you can grow the community from there. If you can't find these 2 or 3 people, maybe it's better to join another channel and help them grow. One person posting alone makes it look like his/her own personal space so newcomers will not want to "invade" that space, which is not what you want. 3. Try clever ideas: Remember, this is like a free form forum and there is no restriction on how you can use it. Expect to see some channels with clever ideas get adoption. Or come up with ideas and be the ones to create these communities. 4. Moderate posts: If someone posts something irrelevant, don't hesitate to hide it from the channel (there's a hide button on a post if you're the admin). Otherwise rest of your members will have a bad time on your channel. Additionally, you can still comment on the hidden channel post (You can find hidden posts in your admin page), so you can comment there and explain, so this member can understand and follow the rules from next time. 5. Think of it as organizing a party. If you create the best party in the world with top DJs but no one shows up, that party sucks. On the other hand, a house party with a diverse group of like-minded people interacting with one another, no matter how modest it is, is a great one. Content is important but what matters even more are the interactions and relationships. Finally, if you have any questions or have feedback/suggestions, please join Powping channel admins group: https://powping.com/c/d5921b87166740b1f0af3fccaed94fce3e70b305fce40edd9a0aa83fa0f0cb23
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Thank you@unwriter! I have just created a channel for our group (BSV Basics) and found the experience aesthetically yummy and very intuitive... love the ease and organisation, specially with questions and answers, keeping them neat and expandable... forever!
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The Bitcoin Reddit.
Cool feature!
adonsats replied:
a dj party for rich fortune 500 boss on powping :) am on it! am on it.
miggy replied:
Hello Sir
adonsats replied:
want to party with us ? want to be a fortune 500 too ?
miggy replied:
depends on the music and the food
adonsats replied:
okay. We have some alkaloïd here. just to make you more 🤪 and 🎃 ...u know what I mean