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Follow, to lead 

Follow, to lead 

Stare into a candle flame.

Now stare at the base of the candle flame. (Let it be a broad candle.) 

You'll notice that tiny particles of ash are drawn slowly towards the burning wick, then as soon as they touch the burning wick, they are propelled with force to the periphery of the molten wax.

Round and round it goes, in a cycle. Like the water cycle.

Nature is cyclical 

Precipitation falls on the land, flows downstream into the seas, condenses into clouds, falls as precipitation again.

Nature is cyclical. But each cycle is different. As you cycle, you grow.

Like the wax that is drawn to the flame and then propelled outward, so is leadership.

You are drawn toward the vision and then when you come into contact with it, you are propelled by its power, on a mission.

This sends you out powerfully as the latest hot shit.

But inevitably, you will cool down again. And then you need to be drawn by the vision again, until you come into transforming contact with the mission.

The cycle never stops 

It's a continual cycle.

"What, you mean I have to keep motivating myself again and again?"

Yes. As Zig Ziglar said, taking showers and getting motivated don't last. That's why he recommended doing both every day.

The difference between leaders and followers is this: Leaders look to the flame consistently, and are thus drawn to it and draw others to it effortlessly, just as wax transfers heat to the wax next to it.

Followers, on the other hand, look to leaders, not to the flame. So sometimes they're hot, sometimes they're not. Because they're not personally responsible to the flame of vision and mission. They leave it to chance.

Are you a leader or a follower?

Do you look to a leader? Or do you look to the flame? 

Do you look to the flame or do you look to a leader?

I tell you what, if you can't see the flame, follow a leader who's headed towards the flame.

But once you get to the flame, once you've felt its transforming fire for yourself, look to the flame for yourself. Be a leader. Lead yourself and lead others to the flame.

So that they can become leaders themselves.

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