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If you live in the US, what is your favorite onramp for buying BSV?
Great question that I was just going to ask too! To clarify though, I'm answering how I buy BSV with USD. I think buying BSV with other cryptocurrencies is a bit easier right now (e.g. buying BSV with BTC). I want to know how US residents convert USD into BSV. For me, it's sadly a bit complex, but this is the cheapest solution I've come across: 1. ACH transfer from my local bank to Binance.us account (allowed up $1000 daily for little to no fees) 2. Buy USDT (Tether) at Binance.us 3. Withdraw Tether from Binance.us account to my Kucoin account 4. Kucoin account - purchase BSV with newly deposited USDT US residents don't have many options and even fewer depending on the state you live in. In fact, I think it's frankly way too difficult to buy BSV efficiently in the US right now. I hope that changes sometime soon. I prefer to pay as low a fee as possible, so I try to avoid using credit card to buy crypto. The Buy BSV option through Coinify that you see on buybsv.com has a 5.5% fee they charge, but I can't even use it since Colorado isn't supported. What's the simplest option to buy BSV for US residents? Maybe the Coinify option, but only if you live in a supported state. One simple option to consider is Robinhood. However, that's to only invest in BSV. You can't withdraw it (or other cryptocurrencies) from Robinhood to a wallet or to spend it. Just to invest in it's price, like a share of stock. Simple to do but not effective for using BSV coins if that's what you want. Anyone else?