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Diamonds in the Rough dedicates some episodes JUST to #BSV itself, as a commodity. We think of it as paying research attention to something like oil, corn, or electricity futures. But BSV has the potential to be money, so in modern times it's different type of asset class to those things. In this episode we pay attention to the fundamentals of PRICE in BitCoin, and specifically we pay attention to the coming of ZSOs/ZSTs (Zero Satoshi Outputs or Zero Satoshi Tokenization), as a potential spoiler to the pricing fundamentals. When we finished this episode, we frame the question more than answer it. Should ZSOs be allowed? https://streamanity.com/video/aPTkUNHLiXF6?ref=a8f157c9-2502-4dcd-97b3-7055ab159de6 In a subsequent episode (coming soon!); we'll answer some of the questions we posed in this episode. We think questioning the ability to make zero-sat tokens is a very important step to understanding BitCoin, as it can lead to a MUCH finer understanding of it's capability. Nothing we've studied has resulted in more progress in understanding the CAPABILITIES of BitCoin which can remain hidden to even the best thinkers in the finance and coding worlds.
No idea when or why powping will include video clip, it seems totally random if it works. Let's try again... šŸŽ„ https://streamanity.com/video/aPTkUNHLiXF6?ref=a8f157c9-2502-4dcd-97b3-7055ab159de6 šŸŽ„
Let's try one more time, with the actual link from the browser slot: https://streamanity.com/video/aPTkUNHLiXF6