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Hotwheels, hot coffee and dangerous parenting precedents

There was a stage when Seth was younger, that he was quite into Hotwheels.

Almost every time we went out to the mall, he'd ask for a Hotwheels car.

I balked a little on the inside. It seemed wrong to buy a toy every single time. After all, money doesn't grow on trees, we're told. (It's actually created out of thin air in private ledgers owned by legal cartels. But I digress.)

Furthermore, what if I set a precedent and the kid expected a Hotwheels every. freaking. time?

But then I decided to be Jesus and do unto Seth what I'd like others to do unto me.

I realised that almost every time we went to the mall, I'd buy myself a black coffee. (Usually to assuage the pain of waiting while the wife shopped interminably for something. But I digress.)

I realised that the price of my coffee was about the price of a regular Hotwheels.

Plus, I'd get a coffee almost every. freaking. time.

Plus, Hotwheels last forever (that dang plastic). My coffee is passed out in a couple of hours.

Thus was I faced with a choice.

I could play fair and buy Seth a Hotwheels every time. Or I could play fair and stop having my coffee every time.

Guess which I chose?

And as for the dangerous precedent that I was so afraid of setting?

Within a few Hotwheels, Seth outgrew them.

I haven't even outgrown my coffee.

What's the takeaway?

Don't be so afraid, and don't be such a killjoy. And definitely don't be a hypocrite.

The Golden Rule applies to parenting as well. Do unto your children as you would have your children do unto you.

Because they will likely do unto you as you did unto them. And they definitely will do unto your grandchildren as you did unto them. So be mindful how you do unto them. Unto.

Oh, and does anyone reading this in KL want some Hotwheels?

I'll trade you some coffee for it! 😉

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