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Part 1: You stand outside your homestead. From here it looks like little more than a large lump of fungus covered dirt rising from the otherwise flat, barren landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. Adam, your android, stands beside you looking more human than you due to the respirator you wear on your face. After a hundred years of terraforming, the clunky space suits of old are no longer necessary, but the air itself is not quite there yet. The two of you start walking towards the grow dome two hundred meters away when Adam stops. “I’m detecting a hover craft at twenty klicks, approaching from the east. Should be here in approximately ten minutes.” “Hmm, I’m not expecting company.” “What should we do?” He looks to you awaiting your response. A) Turn on the perimeter shields, ready the cannons and wait. B) In addition to A send a drone to intercept them. C) Turn on the shields and ready the cannons, but take your own hovercraft to intercept them.
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Agree with@pete... I would go with C... wanna be covered and ready for anything, but do the honours myself, being welcoming IF possible... 👽
Should we take C, objections anyone? 🔫😉
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1 year ago