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PowPing is a place where you can earn Bitcoin simply by socializing, for FREE.
Never tried Bitcoin? It's OK! Just come, socialize, and earn Bitcoin.
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I really enjoy powping. Probably the best bitcoin (user) app so far. Would love to see some marketing for it. Powping doesn't even have a twitter account.
What kind of content would you like to see on the platform?
cryptodiggee replied:
All kind of content tbh. What people share tells a lot about them.
PowPing is so good it can be its own marketing... give it time, it is a baby and is already the best that ever was!
dar42 replied:
natural growth in early stage cannot make enough income for the team to attract better personnels. active marketing is necessary and especially important when beyond bsv context. powping has its own power to attract people outside crypto community.
glauce replied:
I think Unwriter is not concerned with income at this stage... monetising seems to be something for later... this is not your usual "business", I believe PowPing will be much more than that!
I agree. powping is good at product but do not do so well in marketing. the user base is still too small.
What do you love about it exactly? Seems pretty basic to me.
cryptodiggee replied:
That exactly what i live about it. Is so simple, slick and fast. The best tool to show no-coiners the power of bitcoin.
glauce replied:
Well said@cryptodiggee