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MoneyStream 1.8

An update to the MoneyStream extension is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers with the following features:

1. Monetize PowPing Posts

2. Adjust the monetization rate to suit your browsing style

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oliver8008 tipped:
Hi MoneyStream, I've got MoneyStream as an extension in Chrome. How do I "update"? Cheers Oliver
fullcycle replied:
In extensions (chrome://extensions) I use developer mode and there is an update button. You should make a backup copy of the WIF using the Key button in the extension UI just in case your private key gets lost during the update.
oliver8008 replied:
Got cha, cheers Oliver
So you should get money from me reading this post now? Well this does not actually work, does it? I'm on powping and it just says: "This content is not Web-Monetized" Ok, it just takes a couple seconds for the thing to turn green... visual indication of payment and recipient on screen would be nice instead of only the add-on icon. I will keep messing with it.
fullcycle tipped:
fullcycle replied:
Thanks for testing. Yes, interface needs much improvement
there is already a different product with the same name btw... https://moneystream.com/
pete tipped:
Wow exciting, i'm very curious to learn in more detail how the "monetize powping posts" works :)
fullcycle replied:
I wrote up a little more detail. https://powping.com/posts/c86985c416b406a1a5faed8cca71d3fb667f05fca79440c62819d4c9f0043459 What it doesn't do yet is add the payment to the economy of the post. Not required at this point but someone might want it in the future. If that info feeds into a ranking system.