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Anthony De Mello

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A rabbi once asked a pupil what was bothering him. “My poverty,” was the reply. “So wretched is my condition that I can hardly study and pray.” “In this day and age,” said the rabbi, “the finest prayer and the finest study lie in accepting life exactly as you find it.” 🙂 On a bitterly cold day a rabbi and his disciples were huddled around a fire. One of the disciples echoing his master’s teachings, said, “On a freezing day like this I know exactly what to do!” “What?” asked the others. “Keep warm! And if that isn’t possible, I still know what to do.” “What?” “Freeze.” Present Reality cannot really be rejected or accepted. To run away from it is like running away from your feet. To accept it is like kissing your lips. All you need to do is see, understand, and be at rest. 🙂