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1 Craig Wright (Unofficial Chat)

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Maybe you would like to have a full list of Craig Wright public videos in chronological order, here you are!!!! Any idea or suggestion is welcome!!! https://ramonquesada.com/english/craig-wright-videos/
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Maybe move the site on github (free), so we can suggest easy edits over time... great work.
ramonquesada replied:
Ok I will think about it, thanks
You've done a helluva job Ramon! If you can maybe you can find his "Payment Glove" video? I've seen it but it would be great to have it archived etc. *Also I have a list of his audio lectures on security and super computers... in video format. I can send you the links if you like.
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yes sure, thank you, you may find me at any social network you like https://ramonquesada.com/english/my-links-en/
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@bitscomplicated I think you're talking about this: 18/06/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 1: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers 23/06/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 2: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers 01/07/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 3: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers 08/07/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 4: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers 15/07/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 5: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers 20/07/2015 NEWS Free course in supercomputing at Charles Sturt. Dr Craig Wright, founder and CEO of Cloudcroft‘s parent company, the De Morgan Group – Cloudcroft is De Morgan’s supercomputing arm and has two supercomputers that are currently rated in the world’s top 500 supercomputers. https://ramonquesada.com/english/craig-wright-videos
Hi Ramon, huge respect to your dedication. How many videos are out there now my rough guess is like 200?
ramonquesada replied:
I have´nt counted all yet, but there are a lot, especially from 2018, 2019 and 2020, I love the old ones
ramonquesada replied: