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Great story about how people who felt they were going through an awakening came to the realization that is was all a bunch of bull
First rule of tyranny: LIE (then just keep lying) and bury truth under a barrage of misinformation.
sandysmoothie replied:
Exactly! As the article says: “There are signs that some have lost faith: Mr. Trump left Washington last week, blowing a hole through a key QAnon belief — that Mr. Trump, not President Biden, was the one who would be inaugurated on Jan. 20. But others are doubling down, and experts believe that some form of the QAnon conspiracy theory will remain deeply embedded in the nation’s culture by simply morphing to incorporate the new developments, as it has before.“ QAnon just keeps moving the goalposts and changing to keep people hooked, it is a tricky thing to get out of because you never know the truth, the lies just keep compounding on top of each other. That’s how so many otherwise intelligent people get wrapped up in it, despite themselves. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/29/us/leaving-qanon-conspiracy.html