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Thinking back... BCH was doing fine it went almost 2,000 $ then these stupid leaders we got again forked... BCH and BCHSV - I was so in disbelief... again forked just after 1 year. I saw Roger next to Craig in Seoul and after few months they were attacking each other. I should have understood at that moment how dick heads are both of these camps. Then BCHSV got kicked out Binance, fought with the entire world and started this monolog about being the original. The original dick marketing team !
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it's not just some arbitrary marketing narrative that it's the original, that's what it is, it matters that this is the original Bitcoin and that we're preserving it,, Bitcoin is a pretty cool idea, and it would be sad if it just stopped existing
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if the world doesn't need it, it is better to stop existing. Also Satoshi is a looser, he created something and left alone. He is like a father who leave the child after being born. He is not a father, he is only a biological father.
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Satoshi is a genius
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