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If someone from the future told you that PowPing ultimately failed, what in your opinion would have been the contributing factors? It’s a productive mental exercise I do with my own projects. I’ve asked the same on Twetch.
jolon tipped:
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1 year ago
Interesting exercise... if PowPing manages to re-frame expectations and encourage spontaneity, old habits and fears may slowly die away... so, I can't see failure on the horizon, instead, I see a smooth transition to a better way to relate, happening right here, right now
The main factor may come from the convenience to join without paying subscription fee,and being able to making tip
The main thing would probably be that PowPing didn't allow users to sufficiently monetize their following and content directly from the platform itself.
jackcliu tipped:
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1 year ago
It would have fallen for the same things memo did, the same things I see Twetch falling for. Having a completely free service is the way forward, there's no other way to compete with what's already out there.
jackcliu tipped:
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1 year ago
1. Lack of a robust mobile app for iPhone, specifically 2. Not marketing that same app aggressively 3. Thumbnail previews for videos and YouTube links (people love video more and more every day) 4. Ultimately, I'm a bit sketchy on the name itself. It reminds me of Bing maybe too much These are all things I think you guys will eventually do, and as far as the name itself goes, I'll get over it. Great quality tech you have created here btw
benjamin replied:
I always think of nomenclature as an issue... but those often go by the wayside if the product is superior. For instance, I remember reading leaks about the iPad right before it was introduced and I just thought... surely they will change the name before the launch...
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1 year ago
brian replied:
You are correct!
benjamin replied:
I think continued asynchronous bilateral usage of the "site" would also be a death knell. FB, Twitter, etc. all thrive when people are pinging one another almost real-time. W/o an app (to your point) there's no real "notificaiton" system unless someone has their browser open to pow all the time. If/as conversations age... they are less dynamic. Our cross-thread interaction (but both on Jack's content) made me think of this. Good thoughts@brian and great question/exercise@jackcliu (the man behind powping???)
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The obvious one, I assume, is that BSV failed to gain traction... and, therefore, that the/a social network built on the back of BSV died-off like the P2P currency itself.
benjamin replied:
Or, that someone got sued for something posted on the site that was "immutably" stored and came back to haunt them and... all of a sudden... everyone realized they didn't want the big brother social network w/ infinite accountability...
This is an unproductive mental exercise.