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Universal Time Translator PROBLEM: With people posting from everywhere on earth, whenever a specific time is mentioned it’s hard for both people posting and reading to communicate what time it is to a specific hour or minute. Either it’s vague; “End of the weekend” or specific only for the people posting: “GMT 4 pm”. If such a location with time code is given it then takes the reader up to 4 mins to translate it to their local time. Such posts are not about what time it is now, but always some hour in the future. Often people will say; “There is a Zoom call on Tuesday about SpaceX tickets to fly around the moon at 6.30 pm (UTC+5:30)” If I want to join from Sydney it's becomes 'proof of work' if I can join on time. Perhaps I’m exaggerating the problem…...not sure. SOLUTION: I'm Not Sure, if it's possible to: * Translate each time code automatically for each reader in powping? * Have a some way to getting the poster to add something into or onto their post making the time translation simple for readers. Perhaps there is another add button in the fields below the writing field (image/file/powping link.......'xxxxx'..........."post") *Make this solution something like bitcoin plumbing for other public facing developments, that get used as a protocol. Similar to all the other Planaria developments. Being Not Sure that as the bitcoin script has a good way of time stamping, that some development could also translate the time events into the future. Or perhaps the smart contract development people have already made something. ............................................ Tom Scott suggests don't touch it thou: https://youtu.be/-5wpm-gesOY
I think the world should just start using UTC as the standard. I realize I might be the crazy one who has a bogus solution, but I brought this same issue up right when I started interacting with people across the world. Things most certainly got confusing. Right *now* is right *now* regardless of where we are...Once again, I realize I am probably the crazy one, but I feel like regardless of where the sun is in the sky where I am, I should be seeing the same time as everyone else across the world on my watch. I know that doesn't solve the problem you're talking about...or maybe it does...IDK. We view time as relative to location on Earth and time does not actually work that way. I understand time zones and the purpose they serve, but I also feel like it's unnecessary. This, of course, would take a lot of cooperation from the majority of the World population and I'm not sure everyone is interested in changing the way they view time. I don't mind waking up at 2:00 UTC if it actually feels like 9am CST. It would also make some computer things much easier to deal with...just like this one.
nenicloud replied:
I just reread your post...I don't feel so crazy...I actually do think the most straightforward solution is everyone using UTC. Once again...light or dark does not matter. Being on the same page as someone else does.
oliver8008 replied:
Mmmmm. Is possible!
Good one!
oliver8008 replied: