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This seems very important, as the loan is unsecured as far as we can tell. To get a "backgrounder" on TAAL without having to do all the legwork yourself... 🎥 https://streamanity.com/video/WVSBizF5hqsp?ref=a8f157c9-2502-4dcd-97b3-7055ab159de6 📽
liam replied:
What do you think the significance of this loan is? Some in the BSV telegram are speculating that this is a way for CSW to maximise his BSV because TAAL can offset any gains from BSV with their previous years losses. Also wasn’t sure whether TAAL need to pay the loan back in BSV itself or the $USD equivalent. If the former then the first point wont make sense.
I don't know. My read is: CSW respects TAAL enough to lend $7.0mm in cash, unsecured. One thing that perhaps gets him, is if TAAL fails for some reason, he would be a primary creditor thus have some measure of control. But even with that, it's still a vote of confidence. And again, it's interesting that "btc" is written. According to all the nonsensical btc-ers, CSW doesn't have any btc.
Jerome's name came up a long time ago in a series of blocks that named influential people. I believe he works or worked for alt5sigma, which is a BSV exchange.