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I caught most of the CG 2020 conference which was awesome but missed the bsav.io presentation. Is there a place I can go and get more info on what they're all about? Going here is not very helpful https://bsav.io/faq/. I have an account on their site but am hesitant to send them any coins until I know who's behind it and what they're all about. Plus the lowest coin demonetization appears to be a whole bsv so 1 bsv is the lowest amount I can deposit.
Yes I had similar hesitations. Ended up writing this post about them to do more research: https://powping.com/posts/bd1deae1100b56e255e2c4e61ea210541f2264f5d61be3974e6abcae4d3f1044
Did they present? the site looks fishy. no terms of service, no nothing. Not sure if they're legit.