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Bitcoin Association gave some prominent visibility to some bright young talent . Never mind that a few of them are sort of turncoat now , but the ethics underlying some of their hash intentions might need to be looked into or otherwise give Bitcoin Association a bad look. What I mean is- If the figureheads are out there saying Hey you might be broke and poor but run this app that does X and generate some micropayment income, but the app might also do Y , which costs these desperate people money in electricity and device life, that’s pretty low ball stuff that I think most people don’t want to be associated with
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I first ran into this when trying to show/add my artwork to the network. I found it was costing way more to post, esp. better quality images, then I was getting back in “likes”. Not sustainable…yet.
bpm replied:
That’s a different factor but similar in message, which is their decision in fee cost/value to you and marketing. If a business is an advocate for their customer, they have your best interest. In your example, it might not have been worthwhile to upload on chain. You might use alternatives that don’t do that by default, like this or relica.
nate replied:
So, who we talkin about here? Think I have a couple ideas.