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Geezus, didn't expect to see what i am watching.. i was sitting outside and heard a loud screaming squeaky noise, sounded like a dog toy, so i looked in our dog run where i thought it came and found a large 3 legged rabbit staring at me... okay. So then i went inside and went to our side door to peak on her inconspicuouslee, she was sitting on top of a baby, it wasn't moving, so i kept watching and as i watched she was licking the baby, so i thought... watched a bit longer, this rabbit is eating its own baby... 😬 apparently a web search confirms that they do indeed eat their babies a lot of the time... i had no idea, i feel awful for the baby πŸ˜₯ but as i watched i noticed she has another lil baby sitting beside her, its upright munching clovers.. I feel like i should scare her away and save any living babies i find, but i don't like to mess with the flow of nature, i also don't wanna see her do this.. What would u do? She is still on the first one, its 3/4 devoured, do u think she will eat the other(s), should i intervene or just allow her to do her thing? There is a chipmunk watching her as well, his face is painted in horror... Nature, you can be a cruel sight sometimes.
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5 days ago
Well, officially have a new buddy πŸ˜†
She seems to like it here, no one gave her any troubles for eating her baby.. she is laying in the shade around the same spot today ... i haven't seen anymore babies around but i have a feeling she didn't eat them all, at least i really hope she didn't, ill keep an eye on her.. she is in our dog run, so the dogs have been going to other side of house so they won't be a problem for her.
i think its something to do with the best way to survive, if some of the bunnies are not healthy or the mother rabbit loses too much energy giving birth and is not able to produce milk for the rest of the bunnies, they may eat the weakest baby bunny. so that the most can survive. or maybe she is stressed and just acting weird. creepy stuff in anycase...
paidsockpuppet replied:
yeah I remembered having hamsters when I was younger and being horrified that the mother would sometimes eat her own babies.
πŸ˜… chipmunk is watching in amazement
And she only has 3 legs... wtf is goin on in bunnyville?! πŸ€”
This is the cannibal mother giving me a look
Wow i just looked it up on Google and saw an actual Youtube video, it's crazy. (Don't look it up!)
bender replied:
πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜’ poor lil bunnies 😫 how could anything with a conscious want to kill a baby bunny πŸ₯΄