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I really hope democrats do this, punish the GOP traitors to our democracy. https://twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/status/1337571722321686529?s=20
If you want to stop behaviour like this, punishing is the wrong thing to do. Punishment pushes them further from the social contract that we need everyone to be a part of.
thecloudgallery replied:
Hmmmm, NO, I think they have already taken a shit on THAT social contract. There MUST be consequences if you ever want to have another free and fair election.
token_squatting replied:
How will punishing people make them work with you towards that aim? You'd only be preaching to the converted. Unless ya know, you're just after the dopamine hit that comes from denouncing others.
thecloudgallery replied:
So you don’t think what they are doing is criminal? or perhaps you think murderers and rapist and thieves should be allowed free reign?
token_squatting replied:
I don't think asking the courts to take a lawsuit that the court then rejects is a seditious act, no. The lawsuit that Texas is asking for seems frivolous to me though.