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Is it possible on Powping to link to something without displaying the target link directly? I would prefer to just show the text "beautiful flowers video" instead of https://youtu.be/aS-LUW5Jim0
. The latter should preferably just be the link the user is sent to when clicking on the text "beautiful flowers video".
sirnewton tipped:
Maybe if I use the official Youtube SHARE link? https://youtu.be/RJv2-_--EY4
Yep, that's what works, use the official Youtube share link to get picture-icon to show. In this case the icon is Roger Daltrey!
How did you even get the youtube video to show? Having trouble doing even that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSpGnZmGWBk&ab_channel=TheRollingStonesVEVO Shouldn't the above link yield a picture below this post, of the linked youtube tile?
bitcoinsteffen replied:
I right-click on the video and copy the address. In this example https://youtu.be/kSpGnZmGWBk
. Let's see if this creates a pre-view.
bitcoinsteffen replied:
It worked!