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Aw man,@unwriter I just posted a mongo-long article in powpress, and it got mangled somewhow. All I got back was this... Is there anything I can do, I just spent at least an hour cutting and pasting everything into the powpress draft, and now it's vanished. really bujmmer.
too many bugs on powpress actually...
😱 I feel your pain, having lost drafts on other platforms with hours down the drain.
john replied:
Happy ending, it magically appeared after a little while-- no idea how, but it did.
john replied:
But to be fair, I got scared and then posted it on Medium, even tho it's just a draft that badly needs editing, and I even need to add some sections.
satoshidoodles replied:
@john I'm glad it magically came back for you. Been meaning to take a closer look at SLictionary soon. :)
john tipped:
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1 year ago
john replied:
Have a definition or two on me! SLictionary an ideal platform for your doodles, you can get paid and recognized for whatever words you find amusing! Also hit the upper right "tombstone" which is Word Bounty and you can look at some bounty words for doodle inspiration!