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Bitcoin SV Node Q&A

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What’s the plan for unconfirmed chained transaction limit? TAAL has raised it to 50. https://coingeek.com/taal-lowers-bitcoin-sv-transaction-fees-to-support-enterprise-blockchain-applications
reldavs tipped:
Gone by end of year...
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musiq replied:
gone as in completely gone??
musiq replied:
To clarify the question, the software will let go of the limit, but the miners will still decide, right?
shadders replied:
At the least we'll raise the default to something very high like 1000. Once expected behaviour of the simplified block building code is confirmed in production we can eliminate it as a limit altogether...
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shadders replied:
Miners could reimplement the limit if they want to but the goal is to ensure there's no reason to.
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snugg replied:
Fuck yeah
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