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SD 2021 Calendar (signed) + mini art print🐉🎃GIVEAWAY! X 3 THREE winners will be drawn- one each from powping, twetch, and that other place that starts with "tw" ENDS Sunday (10/18) at 9 pm PDT To participate: ⭐️Follow ⭐️leave a comment or tag a friend on this post Some restrictions apply. GOOD LUCK! 🍀
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Very nice 👌
satoshidoodles replied:
Congratulations! You are a winner of this giveaway. Please send me an email at satoshidoodles *at* protonmail.com to claim your prize. :) Thank you to everyone for playing!
bitcoinnz replied:
Amazing! Thanks soo much satoshidoodles
I want this!
coool, would be nice
Oh yes, how can I resist that! Great idea + mega superb prize = I want in!
that other place that starts with "tw". => You mean lord Twoldemort?
Love your artwork
neokiewiet replied:
go have a look on https://www.neokiewiet.com
Exciting :-) @mandeep
@edreams Looks lovely, Satoshi Doodles!
Lovely Idea, I hope it’s a successful champaign.@emily is my pick for friend
@marquee I will count your entry here (as the original post was deleted to fix a mistake after you commented)