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Results from a basic recommendation engine for Streamanity 😏

An array of keywords that I used to look interesting content from Streamanity using the home-made recommendation engine.

I found a JSON feed of Streamanity's latest video content. My recommendation engine tried to find interesting videos from that JSON feed -- videos that matched one or more keywords in the $keywords array shown in the screenshot above. The recommendation engine gave minus points to videos that had one or more low quality attributes (such as clickbaity video titles).

The result was:

  1. Choosing to Stay at Home and Raise Kids Instead of a Career (duration: 00:30:16, score: 16)
  2. Scarcity w/ John Pitts - Bitcoin JV Episode 2 (duration: 01:22:20, score: 15)
  3. Q Red carpet rollout (duration: 00:05:20, score: 14)
  4. Dads intro to bitcoin (duration: 00:03:32, score: 14)
  5. Its Doughnut time! Those Market Makers are looking for dessert. (duration: 00:25:41, score: 14)

So the conclusion is: Streamanity doesn't yet have enough videos to choose from.

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orac tipped:
thank you so much. BTW try this https://twet.ch/inv/rycanano
I occasionally visit the site to see if it's improved but come away disappointed. There's not much content and the UX design is not very good.
pete replied:
The site needs some big name influencer from YouTube, or BitChute, to drive more viewers and creators there. Would be interesting to have for example TechLead (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4xKdmAXFh4ACyhpiQ_3qBw) mention Streamanity in a positive way in one of his videos. 😊
orac replied:
Stefan Molyneux is or was a big name on YouTube and is now on Streamanity. Not sure if he’s brought over any traffic though.
pete tipped:
mizterhutch replied:
Truthfully, There are boatloads of content providers on youtube, who hate YouTube, and now call them SCREWTUBE! But all these people are talking about starting there own economy... Cellular Phones and services, and app creators for those phones. Payment processing services, Alternatives to Youtube where no one restricts their ability to make money for their content. Servers, Cloud services Ect. Dan Bongino (The Dan Bongino Show) moved his show onto Rumble, and brought 2 million Plus Subscribers with him. Steven Crowder (Louder With Crowder) Ben Shapiro...... These are big names who would bring lots of followers, but bottom line, no one wants to post their content onto a platform that has no traffic
orac tipped: