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I am hooked to vermicomposting lately. I got the idea for a single family flow through systems. I got 3 prototypes so far. My latest one costs about 30$. I am still waiting for the first harvest to see is it working correctly. Got 3 working units of this prototype.
Awesome! Interested to see your setup. I currently have a problem with my two worm boxes. They are full of pillbugs (which love to eat seedlings). I probably need to start over by picking out all of the worms and providing fresh bedding + food. This chore will take several hours, even if I manage to persuade my children to assist, so I've been putting it off. Is it worth the effort? Aak! Also I just started another general gardening channel (before seeing yours). So maybe I should delete and we grow one channel together? Let me know what you think. :)
satoshidoodles replied:
I just deleted my garden stuff channel because I don't need another ball to juggle and am happy to nerd out about compost here.
slb replied:
I never saw pill bugs as a problem, they live happily together in my outdoor composter. My "indoor" setup is trying to copy HungryBin, but make it very cheap. 30$ is my best result so far, I will share pictures soon. I will love to see how your boxes look and work. If there is a way to add you as mod/admin I will add you and we can grow this together
slb replied:
Added you as moderator