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Can we please the links in Powping open in separate windows when clicked. Please and thanks!
If you're using mac, can try "Cmd + click".
This should be user choice. Try the ol right click button.
whale replied:
@libs It should be user choice whether to click on a link but in my experience, when a user decides to click on a link, the loading page should NOT replace the original page. If it replaces the original page, users are likely to do one of the following things in the future: a) not click on future links or b) not bother clicking the back button on the browser to get back to the previous powping page. It's easier to close a browser window then to have to hit the back button and wait for the previous page to load, sometimes losing the place marker where you left off or having right click on your mouse and then select "open new window".
libs replied:
@whale if you look at the usability studies on this issue (of which there are loads because this debate is as old as the hills) you'll see theres not much evidence of users not knowing what the back button does. If they don't come back its because they've chosen not to come back. The same window/new tab issue is really just personal preference and users are pretty much split down the middle. For every one of you theres one of me who prefers external links to open in the same window. Browsers have always allowed users to chose to open a link in a new window/tab by right clicking and using the context menu (or Cmd/Alt clicking) or on mobile tap and holding. When you force a link to open in a new window you take that choice away, and thats really the point I'm making in that it should be user choice.
whale replied:
@libs Browsers have been around long enough that the general public is aware of what the back button's function so that's not the issue. The issue is about maximizing the user's experience on a website when it comes to external links. With that said, you will never satisfy every user so your point is well taken. However, I'd be interested in hearing how others on here feel about the issue. Maybe I will create a poll for Powping users? If I were the website owner, I would not want to replace my website with the external link page each time a click is made an external link. It's well documented that people are less likely to come back to a website if they have to retype the URL or click on the back button after closing a tab/window. Also, you may not be aware but the external link under each person's powping's profile currently opens in a new window/tab when clicked on.
On which platform do you think this would be handy? For example, on iOS I prefer links opening in the same tab because that way I can swipe back easily. Opening in a new tab on iOS would make things more cumbersome. But I can see how it can be useful for desktop. Are you talking about desktop environment?
whale replied:
@unwriter It's not as bothersome on iOS as the buttons are all very close on screen (and you can touch on screen) but having to click the back button to get back to the previous page still causes the issue of losing your place on the previous page. A lot of times when I come across a link on a page, I'm not necessarily done with reading said page. It's just that I've found something more interesting that has caught my attention. When I click on the link and the new page replaces the existing page it's more of a hassle for me to have to close the window, then click back and then find where I was on the page, rather then just closing out the new window (which typically brings me back to my original page). On a desktop environment, I find it even bothersome, having to right click, then select new window, then clicking on the back button to get to the previous page. One of the great things about Powping is that users can experience the platform without having any existing bitcoin. I believe many of these users will fall into the "mainstream" category where they are going to be less likely to right click open new window or click on the back button. I compare them to users of FB, Twitter, Instagram etc where clicking on a link automatically opens a new window. Just my $0.02 cents :)
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