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Pow Pow is probably the best tool available online and it can and will become only better with the smart moves of Unwriter. However the community is still too sectorial and super tiny. These days I have started playing with Bitcoin Cash due to the SLP tokens and I was surprised of Read.cash complex audience and platform. Memo instead is still fine but behind Powping. Somehow Powping+Powpress looks like a better and integrated version of Memo+Read
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1 year ago
Yeah i agree read.cash did a pretty good job with their community. Technology wise I think the three platforms are different in their own ways: - Memo: posts are bitcoin transactions and fully onchain. - Read.cash: posts are just plain database entries (bitcoin cash is only used for tipping) - Powping+Powpress: posts are bitcoin transactions and offchain by default, with optional onchain.
framore replied:
If PowPing gets the community... then it will grow so much