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What mountain are you climbing?

Everything is a game.

This doesn't mean everything is inconsequential. Games are not inconsequential. (As any Saw movie character can testify.)

But everything is a game. It is all a game.

The question is not WHETHER you are playing a game, but rather WHICH GAME you are playing.

In fact, if you think that you are not playing games in life, you are the one actually being played.

Because everyone is playing a game around you.

"We all live in a yellow pyramid" 

The government, for example, is playing a game of control and resource collection.

Some governments play it better, some play it not so well.

The best players manage to completely hide the fact that they are playing this game, and the fact that the serfs in its field are being played.

In medieval times, there were Lords who owned land, and the poor peasants who lived in and worked the field had to pay rent to the Lord who owned the land.

Thank God no such thing exists today. 😏 

Unless you don't pay your taxes, of course. Then you'll find out who your Lords are. 

Those medieval Lords got their land from the King, didn't they?

If they stopped paying the King their rent in money and prestige and whatever the King wanted, they would find themselves out in the fields themselves.

What a pyramid scheme.

Pyramids are everywhere in nature 

Pyramids are everywhere. (They literally are on every continent.)

These physical pyramids are concrete examples of the socially constructed pyramids of control and management that exist everywhere.

Pyramids aren't inherently evil.

Have you ever tried to shovel a pile of sand? Have you ever created a pile of peanut shells while bingeing on those delicious legumes?

You're a pyramid maker.

Pyramids are a feature of particle physics. Objects naturally form into pyramids.

Physically and socially.

Network marketing formalises the pyramid in a transparent way 

So one big reason I favour network marketing is because it formalises the social and monetary pyramid in a transparent and honest way.

Almost every person who responds with kneejerk aversion to multi-level marketing ("Eee, MLM ah?!") still clings with desperation to his or her job like a climber on the side of a mountain, holding on for dear life to THAT particular pyramid.

No one can blame them, really.

If you're climbing a mountain, you very well better cling on to it for dear life. Because your life DOES depend on it.

We are all climbing one pyramid or another.

The only question is, do you know what pyramid you're climbing? And do you know what's at the top?

Is it a stepped pyramid like the pyramids in South America, where you can literally ascend level by level?

Or is it a craggy mountain like Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings, with shifting rocks, shaking ground and a crater of lava at the top?

When you reach the apex, will you be greeted by those who've gone before you, waiting with hands out to pull you up?

Or is there only one throne available at the top, already occupied by a Final Boss whom you must defeat or else be defeated by him (it's usually a him) and thrown off the mountain at the end of your mountain-climbing career?

(If that happens, though, you can climb again. Pick a better pyramid this time.)

We are all playing the game of life, which like an epic video game, includes multiple mini-games and side-quests that serve the main game.

Only those who think they're not playing are the ones being played.

What are you climbing? 

We are all climbing pyramids in life.

Those who think they're NOT climbing a pyramid are the ones who make up the pyramid of human bodies that the more astute are stepping on to ascend. 

My question to you, friend, is this:

What pyramid are you climbing on, and what will you find at the top?

Make it clear for yourself.

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