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Thank you for all your innovation. 1) The "How Powpress Works" picture/video which seemingly cannot be paused is confusing. A way to pause the video would be nice. 2) I tried saving the image as a workaround. On Windows it saved without a file extension which means Windows cannot open it (without first manually giving the file a "surname" like ".png". A more user friendly solution when saving images would be nice.
unwriter replied:
1. Yes that's an animated GIF image, currently powpress doesn't support videos. I'll try to use static images more in the future. 2. The file name as transaction IDs is intentional design decision. By using the transaction ID every file has a globally unique identifier, which makes it possible to replicate them in a distributed manner and find them later easily. But I will think about a convenience feature for when you download files when I get time. Technically it might be possible to extract the file header and automatically fill in the file extension when you try to download.
bitcoinsteffen replied:
On Windows 10, an animated GIF can be paused if it is opened with Windows Media Player.