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What is TonicPow and what does it do?
In a nutshell, it is an advertisement platform. As an company you can create a campaign with a sum of money. As a free lance user / advertisers you can sign up and share the companies campaign with a personalized url. All successful clicks are recorded, and are paid out in BSV. I love tonicpow, as it is generally bsv projects and companies using it to promote their services, so its an easy way to share bsv knowledge while getting paid for your troubles... i hope their system replaces the current advertisement system, its much nicer to see adverts based on user recommendations.
brian tipped:
bsv tipping social media. There's no gateway to entry on profiles and no functionality to monetize profiles.Everything is open and that means people likely won't tip much and so value creators won't bother to make much effort. Still early days though.
brian tipped:
look familiar to anyone?
nenicloud replied:
nobody? 21osdee8
what it does is allows us to create the internet that we want. the user base places value on certain features, ideas, and discussion which leads to growth and improvement by all who use this technology. There is a lot of things that it does. I think taking Bitcoin out of the equation (meaning, the need to spend in order to use) is key to it's growth and the growth of Bitcoin in general.
brian tipped:
tonicpow is a canvas to build new platforms off of. It is the part of the beginning of the end of the current ad based system we see today on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. It's a platform that will suck in all users from these other platforms because it does not make sense to post on something that does not earn you money if used correctly, but there is no cost to join. It's simple, elegant, and has a beast group of devs/marketers behind it. It is the NeXT BIG thing.
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