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“Three big things are coming that didn’t make the cut for 2.5—the only one I can discuss are obviously the fiat ramps. Thankfully this is closer than we expected,” said Agut. “We will start in Europe pretty soon. [And] Not your usual Bitcoin-fiat ramps. We solved the dollar top-up problem! You’ll see.” https://coingeek.com/handcash-rolls-out-early-access-for-version-2-5/ I'm looking forward to how they solve this. Bullish on Handcash.
What is meant by ‘dollar top up problem’?
liam replied:
Onboarding new users into BSV as easily as possible.
What I'd like to see is not just FIAT -> BSV, but also BSV -> FIAT, that would help a LOT with onboarding.
Linked your post to keep an eye on future discussions on the above... thank you@liam