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"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak." Isaiah 40:29 Reading ancient wisdoms and recognizing how it touches upon life today may encourage in a critical moment. As this year closes, no doubt many of us may feel weak and powerless. We have been through so much that recounting the challenges we've faced; is already too evident. Yet, this life in a fallen world is always difficult, every era has its struggles that challenge our energies and diminish our strength. Nevertheless, we carry on and do so because we have a God that is stronger than our weariness and weakness. When the Prophet Isaiah wrote the verse above, the Assyrian empire was expanding and His people were declining, the Babylonian empire was beginning to threaten and there was great inner turmoil and division with the people of God and sin was rampant. Compared to what we are going through, Isiah's challenges were far greater. Despite the faithlessness of God's cwn people, He still provides hope and restoration. God has not given up on them and makes plans for restoration. In light of this, we can be encouraged in our time that He has not given up on us! The challenges we face become an opportunity to exercise our faith that much more and to look to His promises in hope and greater confidence. When we look to His strength, we become rejuvenated. When we look to His power, we are strengthened. The Lord will provide for our future just as He has with our past!
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