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BSV Business Ideas

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Consumer or enterprise? If you had to pick one type of business to maximize your success and that of BSV, which do you choose?
synfonaut tipped:
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2 years ago
Prosumer. Right now Bitcoin is a worse distribution mechanism than Twitter, Email, and YouTube because that's where all the consumers are. A consumer Bitcoin startup has to bootstrap both their startup and the Bitcoin network. Acquiring BSV and losing mnemonics are major hurdles to mainstream consumer adoption. Enterprise is a significantly easier sell, in that you could put 1 million transactions on-chain with 1 sale and a credit card, like MetaStreme. But, the benefits for Enterprise aren't as obvious at this point (you could get data integrity for an entire data center with 1 transaction), Bitcoin will be cheaper than traditional cloud providers, but that day isn't today. How long will we be in this period? Hard to say, 1 major price pump could bring a wave of new consumers large enough to sustain many small consumer products. Major TX volume could lead to a significant drop in txrates making them more competitive. My bet though is Prosumer, people who are not 100% consumer and not 100% enterprise, early adopters that like to experiment with new technology, creators, builders, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, etc... I am biased though because this is the type of software I like making 😜 I wrote more about my thoughts here: https://bit.sv/post/b62707cfb9a443fde934c8a125e907016cb00214d1d13fa3bf2d35d3204bcc68
vegardwikeby tipped:
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2 years ago
isaacmorehouse replied:
Great thoughts and post. Appreciated. The downside to enterprise is the sales cycle is insanely long and has surprisingly little to do with what makes economic or technological sense. The people with the power to greenlight are often not the same as those with the incentive to adopt better tech. You can work a deal for a 18 months only to have your internal champion leave the company at the last minute and you're at square one. Consumer apps have the benefit of instant beta testers and adoption and feedback, but the business case and monetization can be brutal. My heart is in consumer, but from a pure profit motive the mid-term (not quite short) play is enterprise. Looong term, if BSV actually wins big, consumer will be amazing.