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Pay while browsing PowPing. No login. No swiping.

MoneyStream can now be used to pay for content on PowPing. Logging in to PowPing is optional. There is no swiping.

MoneyStream is a wallet in your browser. It sends a small stream of micropayments to a web site while you are engaged with that content. When you stop viewing the content then the stream of payments also stops.

What makes this possible is that PowPing is an open platform. You do not need to be logged in to view content. Content is attributed to the creator using their paymail. MoneyStream can pay for any content as long as it can figure out to whom to pay.

What does this mean? Extend the concept to the rest of the web.

For users, MoneyStream is an alternative way of paying for content. You pay as you go - only pay for what you use. An enjoyable browsing experience is now possible. No ads. Fewer popups. Fewer logins. Fewer cookies. Less tracking. More privacy.

For platforms and content creators they should feel confident delivering content to users and know that they will get paid at the end of the session. They are delivering digital content for electronic cash. As long as they can verify that the user is continuing to send good money then continue to deliver the content.

For more information about MoneyStream see the project page.

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Nice. This post is also monetizeable. Just takes a few seconds to load and turn "green".
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fullcycle replied:
The delay is for two reasons. First, give user a few seconds to leave a monetized site in case they clicked the wrong link. Second, user has to stay long enough to pay mining fee and dust output before content creator can get paid.
Interesting. What happens when you “leave the TV on” bc the horses got out of your barn & you jump off the couch to chase them for 3 hours? How do it know content is no longer being consumed? Are you familiar with the system Streamanity used in this respect, before changing the revenue model?
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fullcycle replied:
Excellent question. There will need to be an explicit user setting for this. MoneyStream knows which browser tab is active and will only pay the active tab. It can also detect mouse movement and perhaps "back off" and later stop the rate of paying when there is no activity. Open to suggestions. MoneyStream is alpha and this issue will need to be resolved before putting the Beta tag on it. Please fund your wallet in small increments. MoneyStream is using real money live on mainnet.
pete replied:
Does MoneyStream detect if the user on mobile device has tapped the screen for example to scroll up/down the page?
benjamin replied:
I imagine those less altruistic would get their screenshot maneuver ready! Open, screenshot, close as fast as possible...
fullcycle replied:
Ha! yeah. And speed reading. Eventually there will be multiple ways of paying. Pay by minute vs pay by word vs pay by byte. And, it does not eliminate subscription model. Just makes it optional.
aquamane replied:
TelemetryStream 😏 In all seriousness, there is definitely a balance to be struck here. Telemetry platforms already do this, right? It’s just invisible to the individual. The flip side of this is that the behavior of ‘leaving the tv on’ is encouraged, and in part for these very reasons. “Are you still watching?” How many browser tabs would this help close? What about encouraging better personal management of what’s in those tabs to begin with? What about reduced electrical waste as a result of those little additions? Balance is more fluid than we often grind ourselves into thinking in specific grooves. Pop out the groove and you’ve got the whole playa at your tips. The network effect of even the most subtle push + pull, at scale, can be massive. It creates a huge attractor point.
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fullcycle replied:
You raise good points. Internet is a feedback system, not broadcast medium. Presumably, if you are paying for content with cash then there is less tracking of you since there should be no ads to track you, login is optional. You are paying for a clean stream of data without the tracking garbage. This needs to be proved in practice. Increased privacy with monetization is a presumption. It has to be a goal that is actively worked on. If goal is a metanet where content is stored on bitcoin and attributed to author and payments for content are made by users then all those payments are public and there needs to be a serious discussion of privacy. Identity, reputation, attribution, and the metanet, All those issues come together
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shadders replied:
Does this escaped horse situation happen to you often? 🤣🤣🤣
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john replied:
The important thing in my household isn't how OFTEN the horses run rampant around the neighborhood (once a month at least), it's the ratio of my wife's ire to when I let them out (once, and I got them all back in) vs when SHE lets them out (countless, I'm always part of the judgement-less search and rescue team somehow). and I won't even get into who was to blame for the "foxy" henHouse-doorsRopen-massacre of April 2020.
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shadders replied:
The joys of animal husbandry :) @ryanxcharles does bitcoin have a solution for this problem?
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john replied:
We had a gopher problem (they make holes, the horse's leg falls into unseen hollow hole breaks leg, horse requires being put down etc...) & an old wise neighbor suggests a "Have-A-Heart" trap to catch the Wiley gopher. So I said, we're game, but what do we do with the gopher once he's in the trap, releasing him a mile away and he might just sniff his way back. Reply by Old Wise Man: OK, valid point, so take the trap to Town Hall steps on Main Street (of Doylestown-- the County seat) and set him free right at the top of the steps. Me: Why would I do that? OWM: Politicians have a solution for everything, didn't you know?