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When i "publish to powping" it just lands me in channels. Where is my post supposed to go? https://powping.com/?remote_txid=2da2f03aab754b7f1085da325f2787437a5032c8d5184acbb76e5453b96f43aa&remote_path=https://powpress.org/rawtx
It shouldn't land you in channels, as you can see in the URL it should send you to the home page. One thing you could do is check to make sure you're signed into the same paymail on both apps.
fullcycle replied:
I found your bug. If user is not following anyone then your home page redirects to channels. That redirect also breaks the publish.
unwriter tipped:
0.01 USD
2 years ago
unwriter replied:
Aha got it, thanks for reporting. Changed it so that now everyone lands on the homepage.
fullcycle replied:
Looks good. I confirmed it is working.