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Anthony de Mello

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...of their achievements! A missionary, somewhere in the tropics, decided to impress his parishioners by taking some of them for a ride in a plane. The plane glided over their villages and hills and forests and rivers. Occasionally they would look out of their windows but on the whole they did not seem to be one bit impressed. Back on the ground his flock trooped out of the plane without a word of comment. Anxious to get some response, the missionary exclaimed, “Wasn’t it wonderful? Think of what human beings have achieved! There we were, up in the sky, above the houses, above the trees, above the mountains, looking down on the earth!” The group listened impassively. Finally, their leader spoke. “Insects can do it,” he said. “And, what’s more, they’re happy!” After several thousand years we have advanced so much that we bolt our door and windows at night while the less “advanced” natives sleep in open huts. 🙂